In May 2006, the O.R.S.S.R.* of Molvania was excluded from the Eurovision Song Context on the grounds of not being an officially recognised state.

Electropop-Stars Olga and Slavko from the group Svedania decided to launch a protest in aid of their nation, and trooped up at one of Copenhagen's most renowned Eurovision parties with their own song and a plea for recognition that read as follows:

"We, the oligarchical elite of Molvania, demand that our nation's 400-year struggle against democracy finally be acknowledged and that the United Nations follow the example of North Korea and grant our state official recognition. Furthermore, we demand that the government of the United States include us in their list of Rogue nations and send a group of weapons inspectors to our country, so that we can deny them access to our Molvatom power plant, where we are currently extracting uranium from 5 tons of Chernobyl soil. Long live Stalin! Long live the revolution! Join our fight for world control!"

World Control, Molvania's party-official entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, can be downloaded here. It is sung by the group Svedania, and will be released together with their forthcoming album, Da Svedania.

(mp3, 3min17s, 3.8MB)

*only remaining stalinist soviet republic